Sissae is a brand that specializes in providing high quality cheongsam or ‘qipao’ with modern twist, exclusively designed according to latest trend in fashion. Our ‘qipao’ are dedicated to those women who desire timeless, feminine, and subtly sexy dresses that are perfect for every occasion. Sissae qipao designs are tailored using high quality material and highly skilled seamstress to make women look fabulous in any age, figure, and occasion.

Sissae qipao are especially admired for its usage of imported material, gorgeous intricate details design, beautiful range of colors, and artistic embroidery. Each piece of Sissae qipao is hand made and each embroidery is carefully made to create an artsy piece. Through customers’ satisfaction towards our qipao, our brand has successfully combines the richness of traditional Chinese clothing and infuses it with a touch of modern fashion.

Sissae was started in July 2011 by three sisters whose passion turns into an obsession. They have struggled and invested their time in creating what most Indonesian women seek: traditional with modern soul ‘qipao’. Then the three sisters realized their idea of creating traditional qipao with a modern twist through what is now known as Sissae, the most successful specialty qipao retailer in Indonesia.

Sissae now ships internationally to Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Australia, Dubai, United Kingdom, and across Indonesia.